What’s up guys!

Well again I took a mental health break because again life is trying get me down but I live to fight on another week lads!

Slight update as to what has gone down in my life these past few weeks.

Had quite a few job interviews in these past week, some that went really went and others not so good but fingers crossed! I hate the job that I’m and it’s destroying my mental health so the sooner that I leave it the better.
Really sick of getting screwed over in every single job I have been in.

Shout out to my best friend! I was so depressed and down last week, I honestly don’t think I would still be here without me getting away and spending some time with her last weekend.
Love you gal! ❤

Also I finagle watched Guardians of the Galaxy! So I will definitely get round to doing a review soon for you! I have a lot to say about that film.

The Virgin Chronicles:
Depression aside, I am running out of time to lose my virginity lads!
We are now in June and I think it’s been officially almost three years since I kissed someone, boy or girl. However there has been some improvement to the social side of me being around guys, how comfortable I am and talking to them so keep an eye out for a TVC update soon! I’ll start working on a chapter within the next week.

Here’s to my mental health being better this month!

Deja rose xo



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