You know?
Me and DC have this love/hate relationship because whilst I love most of the TV shows they have on the CW network, the films on the other hand I just cannot deal with man. There has been too many flops and too many let downs trailer to on screen wise to convince me enough to even bother paying to watch the film.

That being said this post will be considerably shorter because I have only watched one DC film fully and that was Suicide Squad (lmao) so instead I am going to focus my reviews on some DC films that my family members have seen, one’s that I have seen parts of and future DC films because they all look a hell of a lot better and way more indicative of whats to come for the DCU and DCEU.

So without further ado here is the reviews!!!
(I will try my best to remain 100% unbiased)

Okay, here we have got Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2011) and your girl has not watched a single one!
I am little bit biased towards this franchise due to the fact that I still haven’t gotten over how my parents made me and my siblings sit down and watch The Dark Knight in complete silence on Christmas day (my dickhead dad is a complete psychopath). It was the worse Christmas ever and I swear to god that film must be at least 3 hours long, it seemed never end.
If I am being truly honest though the Batman trilogy has never interested me whether it is Christopher Bale playing the bat or Ben Affleck.
Realistically thinking I should give it another go, trying  to watch it again because I was young when they all came out but I don’t know man they are just soooooo long and that isn’t really ideal for a ADD kid like myself.
One reason that I am appreciative of this franchise is that it pretty much made Tom Hardy’s (a absolute MAN) career go from fairly known actor to a mega star which is definitely a plus for the industry.
His portrayal of Bane from the clips that I have seen is truly amazing.

Man of Steel
Henry Cavill is gorgeous!
but I just don’t think that he has the greatest on screen presence when it comes to acting, like you just don’t FEEL him fully submerge himself in the roles that he plays.
I’ve liked him in other roles though like in Man from U.N.C.L.E and (one of my all time favourites) The Count of Monte Christo but not as Superman.
In my opinion it seems like he is one of those actors that are cast more so for their looks than their actual ability to play the roles offered to them.
Anyway back to the actual film.
It’s whack.
I attempted to watch it with my mother because for some crazy reason she likes it but oh my god it’s so boring I didn’t even last for longer than 20 minutes and I don’t remember a single thing about the plot man. It was dry and the script was terrible.
Maybe I should give this ago and attempt to watch it again? It’s just like Batman, I have never been into Superman either but I supposed if I truly want to appreciate the DCU/DCEU then I should try and start from scratch with the films and watch all of them.
Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice
This film got absolutely slated by the critics and media to the point where it seemed like the film was a pile of shite so I wanted to be fair with this review and decided to ask my brother what he thought of it as he did go to cinema and watch it.
I didn’t even bother watching the trailers for this film because I had that little interest in it.
Anyway this is what he thought.
me: “What are your opinions about Batman vs Superman?”
him: “Average at best”
me: “I need more than that this is for a blog post”
him: “Errm that’s what I thought”
him: “Doomsday was a giant derp and Lois Lane was extremely annoying and not necessary oh and constantly whining and being pathetic”
So there you have it. Need I say more?

Suicide Squad
Where do I start?
This film is a DC classic!!!
As in it has a FANTASTIC trailers with great promo only for you to watch it and realise when what a pile of wank that it was and believe me I really, really wanted to like this film but it was so poorly directed that I can see why critics thought it was a absolute shit show.
My first problem with this film was that it was so choppy! It was cut at all the wrong times and the editing was terrible. I feel really sorry for the people who went and saw this film in the cinema because the extended cut version (which should have just been the original film) is so much better and gives context to the Joker and Harley’s relationship as to how it began in the first place.
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I liked Jared Leto as the Joker!
I thought he did a great job, it’s just unfortunate that majority of the people couldn’t get over how fantastic Heath Ledgers portrayal was in The Dark Knight to judge Jared’s acting fairly and unbiased without having to make constant comparison.
The introductions to the characters in the film (although long) was great, I just found it weird how they were reintroduced over and OVER again. That wasn’t necessary to be honest.
I loved all the characters in this film minus two (can you guess who?!) Jai Courtney was my favourite as Captain Boomerang as he brought some much needed comic relief to the film and looks wise the dude is a HUNK.
Harley, Deadshot, El Diablo, Killer Croc (although stereotypical) and Amanda Warner were all great in film and Margot Robbie is an absolute babe! She was pretty much stole the show as Harley Quinn and was Suicide Squads saving grace to be honest. I’m not sure as many people would have watched the film without her being it to be honest with you.
El Diablo is crucial as well, I wish he didn’t die in this film though (oops spoiler).
So who does that leave me with then?!
Rick Flag and Enchantress.
Cara Delevingne is fucking terrible in this film good god, even the way she walks is just stupid. I cannot understand her as her villain or her dumbass brother and their whole ‘evil’ plan is just pointless from beginning to end.  Her voice is just extra as the Enchantress and I really don’t understand how she was the best possible person out of all the people who auditioned to play this role?! They could of picked someone better surely.
And Rick Flag???
Jesus either he got screwed over script wise in this film because his lines are terrible or the guy who played him needs to work on his delivery because the quality of acting is not there. You could watch this film without his character in it and not even miss him, he is that pointless. You notice how unnecessary he is when it gets towards to end of the film, he doesn’t really do much in the fight scenes apart from shouting commands every now and then so that we remember he is still there.
God some of the script in this film is so bad.
The greatest thing about this movie was the soundtrack (and Jai Courtney) no really, the soundtrack is fucking amazing. Have a listen!

Wonder Woman
Need to find someone to watch this with me!
No-one I know wants to watch this with me so I might blackmail my brother into doing so.
Will do a review as soon as I watch this!

Justice League
I will be so angry because everything about it looks amazing, like how can DC fuck this one up it does not seem possible.
Also it has my dream daddy Jason Momoa in it so if they let this film fail then I give up with DC.


Let me know what you think of these reviews guys!
I actually quite enjoy doing film reviews, I might do it more often.
Check out my other one which I did on Marvel!

Deja rose xo









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