I am a hoe for the MCU.
Save for a few films (I’m sorry ya’ll but I just cant with Iron Man), I have honestly enjoyed every film that I have watched. Although there is some films that could definitely do with some improvement, overall it is a relatively good bunch.
So I thought I would do something that I have always wanted to do and done a Deja Rose Post’s review of what I thought of each Marvel film that I have watched!
Let me know if you agree!

*Technically these films should be in chronological order but I have always been a bit backwards in life so I’ma just put these movies in any old order because I like to be awkward.

**Again it will probably seem like I am hyping these films or being over dramatic (which I probably am) but I just really love to geek out over Marvel ya know? and even though there is still a lack of representation of BPOC and Non BPOC it’s definitely starting to get better.

Iron Man 1, 2 & 3
Before you call me out, Robert Downey Jr is an amazing established actor and he suits the role of Iron Man so well but I just find the standalone films soooooo boring.
I’ve seen bits of the first film which has a wicked soundtrack and an awesome ending but I haven’t even bothered with the second one and apparently the third one is confusing as hell or so I’ve been told.
Is there going to be a number four? The continuations into other movies have made sense to me without having to watch the others so I probably wouldn’t bother watching that one either.

Captain America
Steve is bae and Bucky is daddy, let that be clear.
I was SO late watching this film!
My backwards ass watched this after I had watched The Winter Soldier because I am a idiot but it made me finally understand the relationship between Bucky and Steve, how Steve became a super soldier in the first place so after a year of being confused about the origins of Captain America it all finally made sense.
My main problem with this film is that main villain dies so easily with all the build up around him, it just seems to me personally kind of a cheap way for the geezer to die you know? Especially with all the shit he had caused throughout the film.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Probably one of my favourite films in the whole of the Marvel universe if I am being honest. I wish I had watched it in the cinema, it would have been amazing to have seen all of that action on a big screen.
I don’t have one single complaint about this film to be honest. It’s is fucking amazing, evil/brainwashed Bucky is sexy as hell (Sebsastian Stan can get it), the fight scenes are legit and the writing is fantastic.
You really develop an attachment to the tormented Bucky in this film as it documents what he was been through.

Captain America: Civil War
I am the type of bitch that would love to spoil this film because all I wanted to do for a month after I watched it was talk about it but for you guys I won’t.
But yeah. Cap probably has the best films in all of the MCU if I’m being honest I rarely find problems because the production is always so flawless whenever I watch them.
AND THE CHARACTERS! I love them! All of them! Seriously.
Steve/Cap – is bae  (most definitely has at least a 9″ dick, I’m talking to you Chris Evans)
Bucky – is bae (and I know his dick is big to I can feel it)
Romanov – is bae
Antman – is bae
Spiderman! (yes he is in it) – is bae
Clint/ Hawkeye – is bae
T’challa – is bae & he can come and get this bitch I would not complain
Iron man – You know I don’t like his tired ass but I kind of feel sorry for him at the end
Scarlet Witch – is bae
Vision – is bae (and adorable in this film)
Look at that lineup! you know that this film is going to be great.
Like all the other Captain America films the fight scenes are amazingly choreographed and everyone’s stunt doubles should be paid extra for the work that they have put into these films.
The only and I mean only complaint I have about this film is that it is basically the third Avengers and Iron Man’s being the sort of antagonist in this film doesn’t make it feel like it is a Captain America film.
Spider man steals the show along with T’challa as well!
You know Homecoming and Black Panther are going to absolutely bang.

Avengers Assemble
This film spawned one of my weird cartoon crushes in my obsession with The Hulk.
Lol. Tragic, I know.
I don’t know why but I just love that character in this film; Bruce Banner and the Hulk.
Mark Ruffalo was the perfect choice to play the Hulk and its great to see this character develop throughout the films that we see him in.
What I loved about the Avengers the is that the script was genuinely funny, not too try hard type of comedy but it was funny and it shows in main characters chemistry on screen.
Samuel L Jackson is great as Nick Fury and the other characters who we are introduced to in this film are immediately lovable or at very least likeable.
The dynamic between Tony Stark and Captain America is a great to watch and carries over very well into the other films.
I see Avengers Assemble as the film that really brought Marvel into its age of dominance within Hollywood and the film industry and I can see why.
Now I don’t want to be pushy and say that this is a must watch but if you love Marvel then you should definitely watch this.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
I’m still here for the Avengers but this is definitely the weaker one out of the two.
Really and truly it was Iron Man’s fault that shit hit the fan in the first place but you know I’ma forgive him due to the fact that the plot line (whilst I wasn’t a huge fan of it) was necessary because if it wasn’t for him then we wouldn’t have met Pietro (my baby) or have the lovely total dad Vision (thanks Thor).
I suppose that makes Ultron and his annoying ass self a little easier to deal with during the film.
The Maximoff twins make this sequel and Aaron Taylor-Johnson makes an awesome Quicksilver even with his dodgy accent that I have no idea what country it is supposed to represent, he and Elizabeth Olsen are a delight together on screen.
I never thought I would see Robbie from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in the Marvel Universe so this was indeed a treat to my eyes.
Avengers Assemble is better but in my opinion you do kind of need to watch this film because it does set up a lot of the other plots within the Marvel universe.

My ass was LATE when it came to watching my man Thor make his debut.
I think I watched his introduction to the MCU two years after the film had come out.
I guess I had other priorities or I just wasn’t that interested in a God from another realm landing on Midgard which now I look back, sounds totally like a good reason why I should watch this film.
Anyway getting back to Thor.
He definitely has the weakest entries, film wise into the MCU when you take a look at all the other characters and their standalone films Thor’s definitely don’t bring as much to the plate action wise or story wise really.
I find Thor to be more enjoyable in the Avengers in a supporting role but without his character and story we wouldn’t have met Loki the mischievous and conniving younger brother who performed by Tom Hiddleston, demands your attention.
Thor: The Dark World
Thor and his dumb, naive ass, headstrong self gets on my nerves. You mean to tell me that his younger brother managed to trick a God like him twice?!
Now I know Loki is the God of mischief but tell me how does he manage to pull one over on his brother AGAIN when to me it seem’s obvious that Loki is up to no good.
Not I said the duck. Not I.
If I am being honest, I wasn’t impressed with this sequel when I watched it simply because it seemed to me like it was more focused on the comedy side of things than the plot itself.
Yes, we was introduced to another infinity stone in this film and obviously that plays a role in the main plot of the whole Marvel Universe but I just feel as though the story for this film in general could have been written a lot better.
The plot in which you realise something is up with Jane reminds me a lot of the first Star Trek film especially when those Dark elves come to roost.
Whilst I am very much looking forward to Thor Ragnorak because my baby The Hulk
*insert heart eyes emoji* is in it, if Loki tricks his dumb ass brother again then I give up with this film series because surely Thor wasn’t that naive in the comics?
Was he?

Guardians of the Galaxy
See I like GOTG, I don’t know whether I love GOTG as much as I do the other films.
I often forget that these guys are even in the same universe to be honest with you.
That being said it is awesome watch though and James Gunn is a master director.
This film has THE BEST soundtrack out of all of the films in the universe. Kudos to the person who put it together because they did a great job.
I love all the characters too, they are such a well put together group of actors for this film. Casting done really well with those lot.
Now ya’ll know that Drax and Groot is bae but I got to give it up for Rocket Raccoon for the because animated or not he is totally the brains (in many ways) of the operation. Bradley Coopers voice is perfect for him and I love the tone of it too especially when Rocket gets agitated.
Although I have a few problems with Zoe Saldana about some of the dumb shit she has said both she and Karen Gillian kick ass in this film. Seriously girls represent, I love it!
My only complaint about this film is that it is LONG. I have fallen asleep during it to be honest but that was upon watching it the second time so I guess that isn’t as bad.
You can probably get away with watching this film once and not having watch it again if you pay attention and don’t miss a thing. If you have an attention span like me though, you’ll probably have to watch it again so you notice everything that happens in it.
I’m not totally sure with how I feel about a joint effort between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I prefer them as two separate entities in the MCU.
If there is a film that combines the two thought it will be interesting to see how it would work out.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
I’m going to watch this next week! I’ll update this post with my review then.

Definitely medium to hot, hot take but I loved Antman!
I feel like I am on my own with that opinion because a lot of people who I have gotten into discussion with about Antman don’t really like this film or his entry into the MCU but I disagree! Paul Rudd is the perfect guy to portray Scott Lang: the guy who just wants to do right by his daughter but doesn’t really know how to do so.
Scott is just a lovable dad you know and I think I have a teeny tiny crush on Paul Rudd’s adorable face.
An upside to this film is that is surprisingly very, very funny which I was not expecting when I sat down to watch it.
The main antagonist for this film is a bit weak, I think but the comedic side of the film makes up for that and TI in his guest role is very good!

Doctor Strange
My soul just hasn’t taken to Benedict Cumberbatch.
I just don’t like him but I have been meaning to watch this film.
Should I?
Is it worth it?


So those all of my Marvel reviews form the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!!
Look out for my DC post that I’m currently working on, I plan to have that up soon.
The geek in me actually found this really fun to write so much to the point that I plan to re-watch The Winter Soldier because of Bucky is such a babe and should be protected at all costs.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

Deja Rose x



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