Pick your friends wisely.

This post was really hard for me to write because I realise now that I didn’t pick my friends wisely and that is why I have so few genuine friends in my life now.

I found myself last year, at the age of 19 with no friends as a result of investing my time, effort and care into the wrong people, and angry at myself for allowing it to happen.

I am a DAMN GOOD friend and this isn’t me being cocky, this is me being honest.

Last year multiple friendships of mine collapsed due to me being let down numerous times. Those let downs and disappointments from my so called ‘friends’, made me realise that my willingness to be a good friend wasn’t being reciprocated and that sooner or later I would have to face up to the fact that in order for me to move forward in my life and grow as a person, I would have to leave these people behind.

That moment came on my 20th birthday.

I was left on my own with plans to go out and celebrate after every person who I asked, cancelled on me last minute.

Now that was a really tough experience for me to go through at the time but now I see it as a blessing in disguise and I have removed and ended friendships with all those in my life who took me for granted.

Behind every bad friendship can be great life lessons for you to learn from if you realise where you have went wrong.

I’ve learnt that it is okay to expect back, how much YOU give in a friendship.

Especially your time and effort. No-one should take that for granted and that includes family and friends.

So for those who are currently stuck in one-sided friendships and those who have that feeling in their gut that this particular ‘friendship’ isn’t going to end well.

Follow your instinct because YOU deserve to have great friends in your life and YOU deserve to have people who you know are going to stick with you when shit hits the fan.

So I’ll say it again.

Pick your friends wisely.

Deja Rose


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